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For more than 60 years, the Red Dot Award - one of the world's largest design competitions - has been providing a platform for designers and companies to assess good design.

The experience and expertise of their jury in the evaluation process is unparalleled True to the motto "In search of good design and innovation", they have tested individually each of the more than 5,500 products entered and have reached a joint decision on which products will receive a distinction.

The fact that INNOPHASE won an award bears testimony to the good design quality of our product.

Creating technological knowledge

We're conducting ODM projects to make new discoveries and to strengthen our technological knowledge.

Improving technological processes

We're improving processes to make sure our studies are carried out in the most effective, efficient way possible.



We're implementing the technical requirements and updates necessary to improve project and product quality.



We aim to improve efficiency by adapting new technology and software which produces our products.

Reducing costs

We aim to increase profits for our clients by reducing costs such as time and manpower spent on assembly and elimination of high-consumption production.

Commercializing technological knowledge

By patenting the knowledge and products which emerge as a result of our projects, we're able to commercialize our discoveries to deliver the highest value product to our clients.


Want to start an ODM/OEM project to have your own vaping device?

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